Our Team

David Izen David Izen: Along with business partner Jason Ozin, David started Technica in 1999.

A Microsoft Certified Professional, David has been at the forefront of the IT industry for close on two decades. As the PC began to play an integral part in the SME workplace and technology got faster, more efficient and more complex, it was clear organisations would benefit from utilising professional, skilled support.

After graduating with a degree in Economics, David spent 13 years in the family manufacturing business prior to the birth of Technica, and took every opportunity to be hands-on designing and installing early SME networks with NetWare, Windows 3.11, 386 processors, £200 network interface cards and coax chain cabling.

As well as his day-to-day management role, a strength is his empathy with clients - some of whom have been with Technica right from the very start. The increasingly blurred lines between 'business' and 'non business' means that he can remain true to his values of honesty and transparency regardless of the situation, and he will extol the virtues of anything he believes represents genuine value to his clients.

"I take enormous satisfaction from the fact that we've always treated each client's network as if it was our own".

The future of any industry is notoriously hard to predict, but David is looking at a more prominent role for both touch-screen technology and 'cloud' computing. He believes that cloud will be the ultimate example of the IT product falling to near-zero profit before services added are factored in and businesses consider true value in reliability and logic of having their data and hardware to hand in secure premises. With more organisations investing resources in remote staff, the majority of the support they receive will also be remote, meaning the need for IT companies to show the human side of their business to their clients becomes especially important.

A real-life Inspector Gadget, David enjoys nothing more than tinkering with anything mechanical, such as cars, bikes or electric toothbrushes, and his wife Gill and their two daughters will frequently find him in the garage where Technica started. Like every golfer, this is the year in which his handicap comes down and two 'dopey' Bearded Collies make up the family.

Jason Ozin Jason Ozin: Jason and business partner David Izen set up Technica Solutions in 1999. Prior to Technica's inception, Jason ran his own IT business called Jaysoft for two years before incorporating the existing business into the new one.

On paper he is the partner in charge of Technical Architecture, Support & Projects, but in reality his responsibilities are far more wide reaching and all-encompassing.

After studying for a degree in Engineering Electronics and Computer Studies, Jason held a series of eclectic positions, including Executive Director of Jewish Blind & Disabled - a charity providing assisted living for vision impaired and physically disabled people - and as owner of two estate agency practices in central London.

"How does Technica differ? Easy. Customer service, Customer service, Customer service".

Claiming more than 30 years in the IT industry - "I was programming my ZX81 when I was 13" - Jason has both a business as well as a technical background and has the rare ability to talk technology to his clients without slipping into technical jargon. He also reinforces the need for exceptional client care to the Technica team and ensures they have the business needs of their clients at heart.

A committed and passionate family man, Jason dedicates an extraordinary amount of time to his community, including being Chairman of his synagogue.

Jason holds an Equity card as a result of his penchant for acting and directing at university and can still be found reading rather odd plays when he gets a spare moment.

Craig Fisher Craig Fisher: Brought in to transform the strategic direction of Technica's sales and marketing department, Craig has been a partner at the company since January 2009.

Prior to Technica, he ran Consultancy Store for six years, a successful sales and marketing agency. Despite their size, they attracted a blue-chip clientele and regularly out-pitched the biggest central London agencies thanks in part to Craig's forthright attitude and unwavering dedication to his clients. He fought their corner at every given opportunity and ensured that every meeting, sales call or campaign was geared solely towards growing his clients' business.

As one of the principal client-facing executives at Technica, Craig's strengths lie in his thorough understanding of the needs and wants of his clients and by making 100% sure those needs are met without limitations imposed by budgetary constraints.

"Technica's strap line says it all for me, Proactive NOT Reactive IT Support"

The self-proclaimed 'Borehamwood Bergkamp', Craig has three gorgeous children, Libby and twins Joshua and Gabriella. A passionate yet blinkered Arsenal supporter, his own football career died sometime during the 2007 season when he realised he was spending more time in hospital than on the pitch.

Paul Rosen Paul Rosen: Paul has spent over a decade in the IT industry and six of those years have been spent at Technica. Prior to coming on board, Paul spent five years running his own IT support business.

Specialising in technical support and procurement, he holds A+ and Net+ qualifications and is uniquely placed to both resolve clients' technical support issues and to advise them on the myriad hardware and software options available.

"We have built up excellent relationships with our clients"

Paul, quite rightly, sees his and Technica's main strengths as their proactive attitude towards problem solving and the fact that the needs of clients always come first, thanks mainly to Technica's state-of-the-art monitoring system. While remote desktop support is vital to today's businesses, it's as important to make sure clients feel valued and appreciated rather than simply a number on a screen to be dealt with.

Outside of the office, Paul holds Advanced PADI Open Water certification, is a regular gym attendee and likes to take long walks with the family Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Alfie.

Gill Izen Gill Izen: Gill has been married to Technica's co-founder David since 1992 and is in charge of the company's finances taking in bookkeeping, accounts and payroll.

Before joining the Technica team, Gill ran the accounts department for an international PR agency. She left to have their two daughters Gemma and Georgina and then took a slow, circuitous route back into the workplace.

"Technica will go from strength to strength because as needs change we are always one step ahead."

Gill is rarely involved in the technical and support side of the business however she complements Technica's service offering perfectly by quite rightly suggesting that the team are "extremely nice, down to earth girls and guys who are really easy to talk to and understand exactly what their clients want".

In Gill's spare time, she loves nothing more than taking long walks in the woods with her "mad" Bearded Collies, Mac and Cami. Her favourite time of day is watching Corrie with a Crunchie and at some point in the not too distant future she is determined to learn how to use the remote control for the TV!

Stephen Stern Stephen Stern: Second-Line Network Support Engineer Stephen has been with Technica since August 2008 and holds qualifications in Intermediate and Advanced Information Technology, A+ and Net+.

With nine years in the IT industry working for a variety of blue-chip corporations, Stephen has been able to hone his super-fast client service responsiveness that has rapidly become synonymous with the Technica brand.

"We stand for quick support and friendly service with innovative solutions"

With more and more businesses relying more and more on technology - be it hardware, software or the ever-increasing dependence we have on the internet, Stephen feels that the importance of qualified and experienced support has never been more vital and through Technica, will only improve.

In a textbook example of practising what one preaches, Stephen is a card-carrying technophile. Although said in jest, keeping up-to-date with the latest gadgets and technological advances only aids the service he can provide for his clients.

He is also a sports car enthusiast, with his dream three car garage consisting of the Bugatti Veyron, the Lamborghini Murcielago and the McLaren Mercedes SLR.

David Adams David Adams: Second-Line support technician David joined Technica in March 2010.

Before coming on board at Technica and after a Bachelor's degree in Computing from University College Northampton, David worked as a first line support technician for both financial giants AAP and Venn Group, one of the largest recruitment firms in the UK.

"Technica's commitment to their clients is the best I've ever experienced"

David's strengths as an IT support professional - combining hard work, technical knowledge and being an integral part of a friendly team environment - are simple yet effective. Technica place a high premium on both continual professional development and the ongoing monitoring and improvement of the service they provide to their clients and David was immediately aware that this was not just a run-of-the-mill IT support business.

In his spare time, David is a long-suffering Liverpool fan and a Sunday league player who likens his playing style, unsurprisingly, to that of Steven Gerrard! He is a self-taught guitarist and once flew solo in a winch glider 1,000ft above a military installation in Wales!

Lee Hunter Lee Hunter: Lee has been with Technica since January 2011 and is a second-line support engineer.

An Apple Certified Service Professional, Lee has spent six years in the IT industry and appreciates that the job is geared as much towards effective communication with clients as it is technical skill, thinking on one's feet and problem solving.

"Technica provide big-business professionalism while maintaining a dedicated, personal approach"

It's virtually impossible to predict what may happen in the next six weeks, let alone six months in the IT industry, but Lee is sure that remote access and cloud computing will become ever more prominent and Technica's options and support in this area will continue to be in high demand. In addition, with more and more people conducting their business outside of the traditional office environment especially now that internet bandwidth, hardware and software are getting faster and cheaper, eliminating downtime will be increasingly critical and Technica's robust solutions ensuring their clients remain online will prove vital.

Lee's other love is illustration and he's had two comic books published. He also played the guitar and bass guitar in a band in South Africa that had "mild local success" called (The) Nyons. Most importantly for an IT guy, he's a self-confessed gadget addict. He'll buy it regardless of whether he needs it - the electrical retailers dream customer!

Vincent Licata Vincent Licata: Vincent has been with Technica since July 2011 and is a Second-Line Network Support Engineer. As well as achieving a BA Degree in Audio-Visual production management (Film & Communications) he holds IT qualifications in ITIL v3 Foundation, CompTIA Security+ and the ACSP (Apple Certified Support Professional) for Mac OS X.

Vincent's strong skills in customer relations are engraved in his work ethic "My strengths with regards to IT lie in support and customer relations. Making a client happy is top of the list of priorities, they often don't understand how you are helping them technically but they always understand good service and communication."

Whilst people are becoming more and more comfortable with the presence of IT in their lives, Vincent's IT vision for the future sees day to day technology becoming ever more complex thus seeing an increasing need for IT support. It may even take on a life management type of role as these technologies become literally indispensable to people.

Apart from IT, gadgets, reading and travelling Vincent's greatest love is music and he is Technica's very own rock star! Whilst playing in a band he recorded, produced and mixed all of the albums. Vincent is a gadget geek at heart and believes that music can't be made nowadays without an innate understanding of the IT systems involved in its production.

Jeremy Forsyth Jeremy Forsyth: "Jerry" - First line support engineer relocated from South Africa to join our team and has been with Technica since December 2011. Jerry has brought with him great enthusiasm and boasts a wealth of experience, enhancing his broad range of IT specialisms. After becoming MCSE qualified Jerry went straight into the IT business and has built up 14 years of experience

His previous experience in marketing and management complements his technical abilities to solve problems quickly and efficiently, understanding the whole business solution to any problem he is faced with.

"Technica's remote support and virtualisation tools give us the edge in solving problems faster and more effectively. Problems are solved in minutes, rather than hours."

Jerry is excited about the future of IT, predicting disposable computers connected to a massive fast internet, more integration with mobile devices. "Imagine getting to work, placing your phone on the desk in front of a screen, and within seconds your workstation is ready to function. I see massive improvements in filtering and personalising content, specifically from social networks."

Technica's very own Spielberg, Jerry is involved in the Arts, having acted in, written and directed several plays. His love for movies, acting and anything technical has extended his hobbies into watching professional Starcraft, the military science fiction real-time strategy video game and competing online.

Liam Shanahan Liam Shanahan: Liam joined the Technica team in February 2012 as a first line support engineer with excellent customer service skills, specialising in data cabling and network installations.  Two years on,  Liam now heads up our first line support team and plays an integral role of training new starters to the support team.

He graduated with a BSc in Computer Science and brings additional problem solving and customer liaison talents to the strong skillset that Technica share with clients.

Liam's prediction for future technology sees IT support evolving quickly along the remote management and monitoring path, with support engineers spending more time on designing and maintaining systems dedicated to instant remote administration, self-help and reporting.

"Customer relations will be even more important than today - clients will initiate communications when they have issues that need resolving immediately. The proliferation of tablets, phones and touchscreen monitors, along with enhanced internet speeds, will lead to a revised, enhanced interaction with the user."

Outside of the office Liam boasts a love for football; not only is he a keen Arsenal fan, he plays in a Sunday League and is also a qualified football referee!

Vanessa Fisher Vanessa Chart: Vanessa joined Technica in September 2011 and she has been tasked with managing and executing the company's marketing strategy and new business campaigns.

She has extensive agency experience and specific roles will include keeping the channels of communication open between Technica and their clients creating 'value-added'  newsletters, enhancing Technica's visibility across social media platforms including Twitter, Google+, Facebook and YouTube, blogging, account management and setting up new business opportunities.

"Technica is a fantastic company that truly believes in its ability to be proactive in all aspects of its work, from staff participation and encouragement through to nurturing and developing client relationships".

An experienced marketer and account manager with a 'glass is half full' attitude and bubbly personality, Vanessa has an attention to detail and 'can do' way of working that provides a new dimension to the Technica family and for their clients.

Vanessa is passionate about fitness, she speaks fluent Spanish and is the mother to an effervescent eight-year old and five years old twins!


Chris Buglass:  Chris joined the support engineer team in November 2013.  He brings with him extensive experience with Microsoft server and workstation operating systems along with server-based application skills such as Active directory and Microsoft Exchange.  Chris previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry, dealing with a very large customer base.

 A devoted problem solver, Chris stops at nothing to find a solution and is delighted to apply his extensive IT knowledge to Technica.  “Technica are very focused on personal service, the team are not only great at solving IT problems but genuinely care about users’ needs.”

Chris’ ‘crystal ball’ for IT’s future shows a huge progression for further cloud integration and massive synchronicity between PC's and mobile devices.  Being able to have one cloud-based account hosting all sorts of data which can be downloaded to multiple devices, makes that data accessible from virtually anywhere and will be much more friendly for end-users, as well as being more straightforward to support.

Outside of the office Chris labels himself a ‘movie-nerd’ keeping up to date with the latest releases and loves playing and listening to music.