We don’t wear capes, but we’re IT superheroes.

IT problems can quickly suck up your patience, time and money. But don’t worry – we’re here to help you.

Let us look after your file servers while you work

File servers are like children – they take up space, can behave badly and be unpredictable. So why would you want to have a bunch of them in your office? If that sounds too much responsibility and hassle, you should consider moving your data to our hosted servers. Either you can buy space on our servers, or you can put your server in our secure out-of-London data centres. Both options are cost-effective, simple to fix and easier to back up.

We also work with some of the largest Virtual Server providers in the world, like Amazon, Microsoft and Fujitsu, so we can arrange to host your server remotely with them too. As you’d expect, we use virtualisation to create more servers on one machine – saving you time and money. Hosted servers – let us babysit your data while you work.

Network monitoring –
our modern day superhero fighting against disruption

If your system needs downtime, you want it to be scheduled and not come as a surprise. So, while you are working, we will be monitoring your servers, network and internet access. We check back-ups, warning events, updates, virus signatures, and much more.

We can immediately find out if your mail server is too full, hard drive is near capacity, or your file server can’t back up. We can also remotely manage software updates, programme workstations and repair faults.

If a password is entered incorrectly too many times, someone is logging on when they shouldn’t or a new piece of software is installed, we’ll know. If anything goes wrong, the system will flag it and can sometimes solve the problem by itself. But if it can’t, it will let us know and we will get right to it.

Network security –
making sure all attacks fail

As soon as you’re connected to the internet, you’re vulnerable to intrusions that can mess with your data. The greatest risk is an innocent mistake by one of your own team.

We’ll conduct a risk audit, identify potential issues and take care to set up systems with the right security in place. We’ll also design internal and external processes and educate your staff so that human error won’t leave you vulnerable.

Disaster Recovery Planning –
so you can be calm in a catastrophe

Work with us and we will implement a disaster recovery plan which will protect you against hardware failure, power loss, failed updates and internet connectivity issues.

You will get advice regarding your IT infrastructure, your potential risk, and the cost of any unplanned downtime so you can decide a comfortable level of protection.

And, if the worst happens before you employ us, we will get you back up and running again.