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Our clients love us

By Vanessa Chart, on

Now it’s time to tell you the 6 reasons they think our support is out of this world. Whenever you call us, you’ll come through directly to our helpdesk and the people who can help you.  No holding on for hours. No irritating hold music. No speaking to people who can’t tell their Android from

We make the Happy Puzzle Company happy. Here’s what they have to say about us:

By Vanessa Chart, on

“Since 2006 we’ve been selling hundreds of award-winning puzzles, games, challenges and puzzle books to families and school in the UK. We work with over 13,000 schools, and we’re very popular with grandparents too.   Given I don’t know how to switch on a computer it seemed a good idea to ask someone to help

Technica’s Take on The Olympics

By Vanessa Chart, on

Here at Technica we like our sport. We follow sport and some of us participate to one degree or another. Barely a week goes by when someone isn’t limping around the office or wincing as they stand up due to having come off their bike, or over-exerted themselves on some pitch, or too much training/not

5 questions to ask your prospective new IT support company

By Vanessa Chart, on

So you think it’s time that you and your IT support company parted ways. You don’t think they’re the best fit for you, and you suspect you could be getting better service elsewhere. But how can you tell who to go for if all their websites look and sound the same? Here’s the Technica insider’s

Technology 4 Good Awards 2016

By Vanessa Chart, on

  Yesterday I was privileged to attend my third year at The Tech 4 Good Awards organised by AbilityNet, a charity close to our hearts. From the moment we were welcomed by BT’s Gaurav Gupta, Head of Sustainable Business and AbilityNet’s CEO Nigel Lewis, the audience were excited to lose themselves in the inspirational stories

Windows 10 Strategy and Approach

By David Izen, on

Summary: The free upgrade from Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10 ends on 26th July 2016 Windows 7 is in use on around 80% of enterprise PCs Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 in January 2020 Windows 10 does not offer Windows 7/8.1 users any advantage, and may cause familiarity and compatibility issues While we do

The Great Technica Bake Off

By Vanessa Chart, on

Last week, whilst chatting with a colleague about our baking skills, or rather lack of, David Adams and I thought we would put them to the test. This throwaway idea that started off as a jaunt between two colleagues soon opened up to the whole team to become “The Great Technica Bake Off”. With just

5 signs you need help with your IT support

By Vanessa Chart, on

“It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.” – Clive James. You should be in control of your IT.  If it feels the other way round, you might need some help so that your business can run smoothly. Not sure? Check out Technica’s guide to 5 signs you

Windows 10

By David Izen, on

What is it? Windows 10 is the latest Microsoft Operating System, replacing Windows 8.1, which didn’t find its way onto too many corporate desktops (it was the OS without the ‘Start’ button), and Windows 7, which is now 6 years old. Do I want it? Eventually, yes. Microsoft are refining and improving the Operating System,

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Working with You

Your business is evolving. We’re here to guide you so your IT is in safe hands.


Battling the Forces of IT Evil

IT problems can quickly suck up your patience, time and money. But not if you work with us.


Disaster Recovery Planning

Hardware failure, power loss, failed updates. What do you have in place for IT meltdowns?


Day to Day IT Support

Peace of mind day after day. Just one of the reasons why switching to Technica makes good business sense.


“Technica Solutions have created more time during the day for fee earning work rather than administrative work. Bravo!”

Robert Beecham, Latitude Investments

“Innovative, cost effective and delivered as promised.”

Paul Simnock, MGR Weston Kay LLP

“The loveliest and most helpful IT company I’ve ever come across.”

Llewellyn Mauricio, Family and Childcare Trust

“Without doubt the best bunch of techy geeks I have worked with!”

Joanne Hawitt-Phillips, Alexandra Palace & Park Charitable Trust

“Technica Solutions are very special. Their back up service is second to none. We could not run our business efficiently without them.”

Gill Garside, DSA PR

“I would trust them with all my worldly possessions.”

Gavin Ucko, The Happy Puzzle Company

“Trusted technicians who don’t bamboozle us with technical jargon.”

Suzanne Fuzzey, Royal College of Physicians