Privacy Notice

Our technical team only take instruction from IT approvers confirmed by the organisations/ clients we work with.

All Technica staff are trained to understand the GDPR and to understand our responsibility to ensuring our actions do not affect our clients’ compliance, specifically in regard to the moving, copying and restoring of data and the access permissions relating to that data. While we cannot take responsibility for knowing the contents of the data we are working with, we will notify the IT approver(s) listed with us of any data moves, copies or restores we have to carry out, along with details of any access permissions that have been revised, where those requests have not been issued by an IT approver.

Any information or data belonging to you, created by you or residing on your assets that we have access to carrying out our duties under this agreement shall be confidential. We shall not at any time, whether before or after the termination of our contract with you, disclose such information without your prior written consent.