The Technica Difference

Changing from one IT company to another can feel risky. But not when you’re switching to work with us.

You’ll notice the Technica difference before your contract starts – and we’ll still be wowing you months and years later.

You’ll feel in safe hands

  • We’ll get our magnifying glasses out – Before we start working with you, your system and IT documentation will be audited, inspected and scrutinised. We’ll work with your existing support to collate this information.
  • We’ll get started straight away – Getting under the skin of your system, we’ll learn how it’s connected and customised, and how you use it. We will start fixing system issues and making improvements immediately. You’ll get no teeth sucking or procrastinating with us.
  • Learning starts from minute one – We’ll spend time with you to learn how you work and how you want us to work with you. We learn about your people, we’ll photograph and study your office layout. Then we’ll match our team to your needs and further train them to support you.

You’ll love the results we get from using statistical reporting

Our system and team are continually capturing, analysing and reporting data on your network’s performance. We then use this data to:

  • Fix problems.
  • Anticipate your future needs by seeing what’s going on (quickly filling hard disks and laptops getting old – new kit needed; software licence needs renewing, printer drum needs replacing, new domain names or broadband lines needed).
  • Monitor your needs and the resource we use to meet them, so we can use that information to help you work more efficiently.

Your IT strategic planning will be seamless and professional

You want your business to grow. And that means changes to your IT infrastructure. As part of your strategic planning, we’ll work with you to understand:

  • How changes in your business will affect your infrastructure. We’ll create a plan that will identify the infrastructure you need, detail an installation plan, assess network security risks, and account for financial implications. This plan can include office moves and expansion.
  • When you will have to renew your equipment: We will identify, assess, cost and help you prepare for renewal.
  • How you can anticipate and benefit from changes in innovation in software, hardware and telephony.


Proactive, detail-focussed and friendly, we’re here to help you.

Craig Fisher

Craig Fisher

What do you see as your three main roles at Technica in order of priority?

  1. Working alongside like-minded people to drive the business forward
  2. Championing the clients’ needs
  3. Trying to bring a human side to a machine orientated world!

Your three main activities/hobbies outside of Technica?

Political answer – being with my wife and kids

Answer I would give to anyone who wouldn’t report back to my wife and kids:

  1. Running
  2. Cycling
  3. Swimming

Three facts about Craig

  1. When I was 16 I got a slap in the face for commenting on someone’s dress sense!
  2. My parents once phoned my school to see how I was doing and the school informed them that they remembered me and was wondering how I was getting on since I left the school (we call that black Tuesday)
  3. I am entering the 70.3 Iron Man in Mallorca next May

David Izen

David Izen

What do you see as your three main roles at Technica in order of priority?

  1. Being part of the team that sets business strategy for long-term business goals
  2. Being part of the team that ensures the day-to-day tools (chiefly software) the business uses are in place and the team are aware of the best processes in order to use them
  3. Trying to ensure customers receive a first class IT partnering service while the entire team are able to perform their roles efficiently and enjoyably (I may have combined two-into-one here, but that’s the way it goes)

Your three main activities/hobbies outside of Technica?

  1. Golf
  2. Photography
  3. Reading and cooking (I may have done it again)

Three facts about David

  1. I was part of a school choir that sang a ‘Smiths Crisps’ jingle for a 1970’s TV advert. I accept this is a dull fact, but it increases in surprise value when you hear me sing.
  2. I am convinced a person can achieve most things if they apply themselves. The exception that proves the rule is golf, where the more I apply myself the worse I get.
  3. I can control most of my lights at home with an iPad app. This is especially entertaining when I’m not at home.

Our management duo is assisted by first and second line support experts and our finance, admin and marketing teams. Why not come in and meet us all? Contact Us

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