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Technica. Where communication is everything

IT support is certainly complicated, but it needn’t be stressful or confusing for our clients.

Our engineers are provided with in-house training from the get-go! We know how important it is for them to become familiar with our systems and our clients’ infrastructure. Each client’s key information is held on its own configuration page, and used alongside our ticketing system, our engineers can connect and gain an understanding of their issues in a matter of minutes.

Technica. Where relationships are vital

Our clients count on our IT support team to provide reassurance and certainty.

Our client relationships are important. We pride ourselves on high levels of customer service, a keen eye for detail and making their journey with us effortless. But successful client retention is a reflection of our internal team relations. Department managers are always available to support, and open lines of communication allow our engineers to reach out on the ‘trickier issues’. This knowledge sharing enables us to resolve client issues and extend our teams’ skill set too. Technica is built on great team dynamics, which we celebrate and build upon during Technica Team Nights Out and our Annual Technica BBQ.

Technica. Where process is important

Our clients’ IT systems demand performance and reliability at every stage.

IT is an ever-changing industry. Keeping our teams’ skills set up to date is vital to stay ahead. Our team members are given regular reviews so we can find out where their IT passions lie, conduct skill set analyses and implement plans to ensure they get the training they need to further their personal career growth and keep their knowledge relevant to the current and future industry.

Technica. Where clarity is essential

Whilst we do technical things, we don’t confound our clients with jargon.

Good communication is vital for smooth working processes. We like to keep things simple for our clients; we don’t expect everyone to be well-versed in IT jargon. We also strive to achieve this in the workplace, keeping our visions clear in team communications and ensuring everyone is aware of their department’s objectives and end goals.

Technica. Where panic is unnecessary

We predict and eliminate problems for our clients; after all, downtime is unacceptable.

Every issue has a solution. In most instances, this can be found by keeping a level head and clear lines of communication. In these moments, our team members come together to resolve client issues, providing support where needed. For individuals, we have an open-door policy providing a safe place to discuss areas of concern, take a breather and plan a way forward.

“Innovative, cost effective and delivered as promised.”

Paul Simnock, MGR Weston Kay LLP

“Technica Solutions are very special. Their back up service is second to none. We could not run our business efficiently without them.”

Gill Garside, DSA PR

“The loveliest and most helpful IT company I’ve ever come across.”

Llewellyn Mauricio, Family and Childcare Trust

“Without doubt the best bunch of techy geeks I have worked with!”

Joanne Hawitt-Phillips, Alexandra Palace & Park Charitable Trust

“Trusted technicians who don’t bamboozle us with technical jargon.”

Suzanne Fuzzey, Royal College of Physicians

“I would trust them with all my worldly possessions.”

Gavin Ucko, The Happy Puzzle Company

“Technica Solutions have created more time during the day for fee earning work rather than administrative work. Bravo!”

Robert Beecham, Latitude Investments

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