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The End Of XP

XP has been a cornerstone of the IT establishment for more than a decade, but it’s time to move on.

Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system has undoubtedly been the most successful, widely-installed operating system of all time. It’s easy to forget that before XP’s introduction in 2002 it was considered unusual for an operating system to remain widely in use for more than three or four years.

Operating system changes didn’t just cause upheaval through users needing to become familiar with a revised interface, but frequently required changes to the applications that ran on the OS platform, a bigger problem for user’s productivity.

Although Windows Vista was released in 2006 and was subsequently replaced by Windows 7 in 2009, it is estimated (there are no definitive figures) that around 25% of computers connecting to the internet are still using XP. For business users that figure is likely to be higher still; without the incentive to move to a newer OS, many businesses would choose to not change.

Microsoft have always been fairly aggressive in trying to force individuals and businesses to use the latest OS. New desktops and laptops shipped with Vista in 2006 and it was only intense pressure (caused mainly by the fact that Vista was both radical and poor) that led to new computers shipping with additional discs to allow a ‘downgrade’ to XP. For a while after Windows 7 was released the same option existed, though Windows 7 adoption by business has been way more relaxed than Vista due to few compatibility issues and the fact that Win7 is a way more agreeable OS.

These eleven years of XP have pushed OS compatibility issues to the back of the minds of IT decision makers, but more than the impending end of official support from Microsoft (April 2014), it is compatibility issues between XP, Office and Exchange that will bring about the end of XP.

Office 2013 will not install on XP. Although the differences between the various versions of Office were not huge (other than the visual difference of the ribbon interface introduced in 2007), each modern version (2003, 2007, 2010 and now 2013) has improvements. We’d previously recommend using the current version when purchasing from new, but likely recommend skipping at least one generation if considering upgrading. Now, that choice is restricted – with a modern operating system (Windows 7 or 8.1) you will need Office 2013.

Outlook 2013, the e-mail client bundled of course with Office 2013, will not connect to an Exchange 2003 mailserver. While Outlook 2010 will connect to exchange 2003, Outlook 2010 is not officially available to purchase any longer.

Plenty of organisations still running XP will also be running Office 2003, and more importantly Outlook 2003. Office 2013 will not install to XP and Office 2007 and 2010 are no longer officially available, meaning there is no upgrade path. Additionally, Outlook 2003 is unable to connect to Exchange 2013 servers. With Microsoft committing to ending the Small Business Server line (which ships with Exchange 2010), new mail servers will likely be Exchange 2013, ruling out the potential for XP workstations to be used unless running Outlook 2007.

It has been a while since we’ve been in this position of needing to consider the entire server, workstation and Office package, with XP previously being the constant that would work with all versions of Office, and all versions of Outlook being compatible with all Exchange servers. Now though there is a double incentive to change; the end of support from Microsoft which means no further patching, and the inability to run the latest versions of Office and hence connect to the latest Exchange servers.

With Win7 now being reasonably well established and the adoption of Win8 being eased by the 8.1 release, many organisations will at least be aware of compatibility issues preventing software such as proprietary databases and custom applications from running on post-XP machines. XP’s time has been impressive, but it is time to accelerate those fixes for any compatibility problems and plan for retiring XP.

Our advice is for clients to be aware that the IT landscape has changed. For the first time in a decade they need to consider aligning the operating system they run, their Office version and their version of Exchange. We strongly recommend an IT policy that allows for a move away from XP, Office 2003 and Exchange 2003 when upgrades are considered.

Look No Hands!


Last month the team at Technica Solutions met with Nigel Lewis CEO of AbilityNet to take on their ‘Look No Hands’ text donate challenge.  How can sending a text message to donate be a challenge? We weren’t allowed to use our hands.  A small insight into the restrictions that affect those less able to do tasks that the majority of us do without a thought.

Take a look at our short video!

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”j3GWYTufNxM?rel=0″]


Nigel and craig

No Business Continuity Plan? A costly mistake to make.

A back up strategy does not replace the importance of a disaster recovery strategy.

Back up strategy

Organisations need to consider the cost of their IT failing and the actions they could take to avoid that happening. Backing up data on a daily basis for a company is essential.  Imagine all that data in a metal container, constantly processing, heating, cooling. As reliant as we are on technology’s sophisticated components, hardware or software failure of some kind must be planned for. Whether backups are executed on a tape, USB memory stick, with software packages,  online, virtually via the Cloud or a dedicated file server they are an essential part of daily routine for IT users.  Consult your IT services team or outsourced provider to discuss the best options for your company.

Restoring data from a backup in the event of a disaster can take hours, days or months depending on the extremity of the situation that led to data loss. If a major disaster has sparked the need to restore data (flooding, terrorist attack, fire) a company should refer to its disaster recovery plan.  A back up strategy will only be effective for quick business continuity with a sound disaster recovery plan in place.  Take Back up as a base for storage for your data, but if there is no method in which to access this data due to a disaster there is little short term use to the data.  How long can your business afford to wait?

Disaster Recovery: The process, policies and procedures related to preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure critical to an organisation after a natural or human-induced disaster. Disaster recovery is a subset of business continuity planning and should include planning for resumption of applications, data, hardware, communications (such as networking and telephony) and other IT infrastructure.

Like most IT solutions, disaster recovery has a very clear start point (0% chance of recovery) and end point (100% reliability) and cost increases exponentially between the two extremes.

Every organisation must make a decision as to what level of loss, if any, in terms of time and data, is tolerable.

Data Loss Summary:




1. My business can be inconvenienced for a day or so with no data, as long as my data is safe. Data from last night is acceptable. I understand we are unable to work if we cannot access our offices. Simple tape back-up device, multiple tapes, at least one tape kept off-site.
2. My business can be inconvenienced for an hour or so without access to files but not much longer. Data from last night is acceptable. As long as the data is safe I understand we are unable to work if we cannot access our offices. Real-time data replication to cheap redundant (spare) server on-site. Note this server will only provide file access; no Exchange (e-mail) and no SQL (database) redundancy.
3. We need to be able to work on our data at all times during business hours. Downtime is not an option. That data must be backed-up every few minutes. The only time we would be unable to work is if we cannot access our offices. Real time data replication to redundant virtual server on-site. Server will also provide redundancy for SQL and Exchange.
4. As above (point 3), but we must also be able to work if some or all users cannot reach the office. Add a Terminal Server to the Real-time data replication server.
5. We need to be able to work on our data at all times during business hours. Downtime is not an option. That data must be backed-up every few minutes. If we cannot get access to our offices it is imperative we can work from elsewhere. Real-time data replication differentially to both redundant virtual server on-site and remote site with remote desktop access. Note that a fast link between office and remote site must be in place.


Scenario A: Office Server suffers catastrophic failure.

Option 1 – New server bought and configured, data restored. Downtime: 1 to 3 days.

Option 2 – Redirection to spare server while replacement bought. Downtime: 30 mins

Option 3 – Redundant virtual server goes live. Downtime: 0 to 10 mins

Option 4 – Redundant virtual server goes live. Downtime: 0 to 10 mins

Option 5 – Redundant virtual server goes live. Downtime: 0 to 10 mins

Scenario B: Heavy snowfall prevents some/all users from reaching the office.

Option 1 – Data is safe but users cannot reach it until they can access the office

Option 2 – Data is safe but users cannot reach it until they can access the office

Option 3 – Data is safe but users cannot reach it until they can access the office

Option 4 – Users connect to data via Terminal Services. Downtime: Nil

Option 5 – Users connect to data via Terminal Services. Downtime: Nil

Scenario C: Offices are flooded. Electricity off, servers down, no access.

Option 1 – Data is safe but lack of power and access preclude work.

Option 2 – Data is safe but lack of power and access preclude work.

Option 3 – Data is safe but lack of power and access preclude work.

Option 4 – Data is safe but lack of power and access preclude work.

Option 5 – Users connect to remote data via Terminal Services. Downtime: 0 to 10 mins

In the above scenarios note that in order to connect to Terminal Services all users must have internet access from home or an alternate site. In Option 5, the remote server can be a hosted solution (where the server is stored at an inaccessible site) with access only by Terminal Services, or at spare office space which users could travel to in order to work. Technica, among others, provide such facilities.

SQL and Exchange data loss:

These both present unique difficulties above and beyond regular data loss.

A solution to both SQL and Exchange redundancy issues is provided by virtualisation, where a virtual server potentially running both SQL and Exchange is connected to another virtual server via a shared collection of disks. If one server fails, the other immediately takes over the provision of services. By all servers being connected on the same domain (via a fast link if not physically connected in the same building) Active Directory ceases to be an issue.


When putting together a business continuity plan consult your IT partner or inhouse team to carry out the following:

Analysis of the risks faced by an organisation

Analysis detailing key areas of the organisation with further detail of how critical those areas are to the functioning of the organisation

Analysis of the potential risks faced by the organisation

Analysis predicting the likelihood of those risks occurring

Cost analysis of protecting the organisation against those risks

These analyses form the basis of the BCP and should be available for continual checking for relevancy given changes in external issues and forces and working practices. Solutions need to be tested regularly and revised as necessary.

Contact for your  free copy of  Technica’s  checklist template for “Acceptable Downtime” and “Existing Policy”.

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Technica Solutions is an award winning IT support company offering 24/7 support. Our work is our obsession to make sure our clients receive the best proactive not reactive IT service. Our clients need IT to enable to their people to excel at work they do and to work perfectly all day, everyday. Put your business first and we will prioritise your IT.

Should you wish to discuss your disaster recovery options in more detail please contact us on 020 8236 9160.

Technica Awards News

We are delighted to announce that Technica Solutions are finalists in the Hertfordshire Business Awards 2013 for the category of Commercial Business in the Community / Commercial Social Responsibility.



We are looking forward to welcoming the judges to meet with us at our offices and to the awards ceremony which will take place at the picturesque Knebworth Barns on 28th November.

Other Awards News:

We would like to congratulate AbilityNet in being named as a  Digital Leader alongside organisations such as Google, the BBC and Nominet in the Digital Leaders 50 Awards for their pioneering approach to using digital technology to help disabled people.  This is a sign that digital accessibility is becoming a mainstream issue.

Click here to read their latest newsletter and to place a vote in the Digital Leader Awards:

Wishing AbilityNet luck in their upcoming awards and vote for them to win as the top Digital Leader here:


Be Social Media Smart

A study by highlights the best and worst times to post your business’ content on the most popular social media sites. Technology is a powerful forum for communication, but do not just post messages that suit your work schedule. It is about your audience and when they are most likely to read it.

Take a look at the simple infographic below as your guide for being social media smart. The link to the full infographic by fannit is listed at the end of this blog.

Best time to post


If you are using multiple forums to post messages be aware your followers may consider this behaviour spamming. Posting the same message on all of your different facebook groups at once within a space of five minutes will jam up your Facebook friends’ newsfeeds especially if you have multiple groups in common.

Timing is everything, but so is content!  Know your audience and be social media smart with the right messages at the right time. Target each group differently with the same concept but a different style of message.

I have listed three examples of the same topic but with different interactions to demonstrate.


Technica Solutions

“Now that you are getting used to your iPhone5s let us hear what you love/hate about it? The fingerprint security swipe gets the ‘thumbs up’ from us!



Vanessa Fisher


Technica Solutions@technica_uk

New Love it or hate it? Retweet to share the love or reply to say why it’s not for you!

Technica Solutions@technica_uk

Look what we’re doing with No Hands! How will you take the challenge?

Nigel and craig

Technica Solutions offers IT support to all businesses from start-ups to multiple sites offering Adhoc and contract support packages. We would love you to follow us @technica_UK or contact  for any information.  Now that you are on our blog, please take a look around and see what we do.  But before you go. If you have any social media tips, post them in the comments section and let’s get social media smart.


‘Technica In The Community’ supports AbilityNet’s free IT services for the elderly and disabled

Technica In The Community

Happy and satisfied customers recommend businesses they use. It’s a simple formula that contributes to 80% of new business at Technica Solutions a proactive managed IT support company. Craig Fisher, David Izen and Jason Ozin, partners at Technica Solutions, collaborated in the name of Technica In The Community to give something back to the technology industry.

On July 2nd this year Technica Solutions appealed to a 16,000+ strong group on LinkedIn named “Charity UK”, set up and managed by Keith Grinsted, requesting information about any charity that uses technology for the good of helping others.

“Technica Solutions  are looking for a charity that uses technology to help people. For each client  received by recommendation we would like to donate to a chosen charity.” (Vanessa Fisher of Technica Solutions via Linked In).

Overwhelmed with responses and recommendations from the group’s members, Technica Solutions have chosen to support AbilityNet.

abilitynet and technica

One such recommendation came from Liz Williams, programme director at BT, who commented on the thread:

“I would recommend you take a look at AbilityNet. It’s a great organisation that aims to use technology to change the lives of disabled people, to help them achieve everything they can at work, at home or in education.”

Chief Executive Officer Nigel Lewis details:

“AbilityNet are a pan disability charity that help the disabled, elderly or anyone suffering from a limiting condition, to be able to use technology to improve their lives, whether this is at work, in education or at home. Technica’s support would allow us to deliver more free services to those most in need.”

Through advice and support, AbilityNet find the most suitable solutions for people living with disabilities to directly access technology, which can be a lifeline, particularly for those with severe reading, writing or physical impairments.

To see the full discussion thread on Linked In click here:

On August 1st Vanessa and Craig from Technica met with key management from AbilityNet at one of their London offices.  Offices that have been donated for their use through various philanthropic businesses.

Ability Net

Ability Net Offices

Nigel Lewis enthuses:

“We are absolutely delighted that Technica have selected AbilityNet as their charity partner and we look forward to their support and working with them to help the most in need within our society to engage and benefit from technology within our digital society.”

Craig’s goal to launch Technica into the community comes from “the will to inspire others and raise awareness which is part of the ethos of how we operate.”

The extent of the work that AbilityNet offers to cater to the 3.5 million plus people registered disabled in the UK. Meera Pankhania, Head of Accessibility points out  “We are a national charity but our biggest problem is awareness.” Meera continues “Real life accesiblity is more important than technical accesibility, because it must be user friendly.”  This was true in the case for the London Olympics, where AbilityNet were consulted to work on the web campaigns to ensure accesible web activity.


In Technica’s local County of Hertfordshire, the IT Can Help service has 14 volunteers and a regional coordinator.  So far this year 15 home visits have been made to help the disabled in Hertfordshire.  Awareness is key, and they are always looking for help to spread the message about their services so more people with disabilities can find out how to access them.

On September 24th 2013 AbilityNet and Technica Solutions will join together again to shoot Technica’s very own “Look No Hands” video where our team will text ‘Look132’ to 70070 without using their hands whilst donating!


look_no_hands_narrow AbilityNet is a registered charity follow them on Twitter:  @AbilityNet | Facebook: | Support them online:

For more information about Technica Solutions please visit  Twitter: @Technica_UK  | Facebook: Phone: 020 8236 9160


Sky Divers from Technica Solutions help raise £3,500 for charity

Craig Fisher, Vincent Licata, Jason Ozin from Technica Solutions

Picture: Craig Fisher, Vincent Licata, Jason Ozin from Technica Solutions

“Not at all scary until you are 12,000 feet up and they open the whole side of the plane and the three blokes in front of you smile at you and then run out the door and drop like a stone. And you know you are next.

A couple of months ago seven brave men and women decided to take on the ultimate challenge of a sky dive and in doing so have raised £3,500 for Jewish Blind & Disabled, a much loved client of Technica Solutions.

Craig Fisher explains:

“Daniel Cohen and I are both on the Leadership Circle and we have been trying to find ways of getting people involved with Jewish Blind & Disabled, offering something exhilarating like a sky dive seemed like a good idea at the time! We now have seven people, three of which had no previous affiliation to Jewish Blind & Disabled, jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet to raise money for the cause. The only problem is that Daniel and I have to jump as well!”

Craig skydive

Danielle from Jewish Blind & Disabled expressed:

“We would like to say how much we are in awe of Jason Ozin, Vincent Licata, Mark Reed & Craig Fisher’s achievement and can’t wait to hear from the rest of the fabulous team how their jumps go.”

After the jump I asked Jason how he felt about the experience:

“I fell 12,000 feet and helped raise £3,500

Not at all scary until you are 12,000 feet up and they open the whole side of the plane and the three blokes in front of you smile at you and then run out the door and drop like a stone.And you know you are next.”

To watch Jason’s landing click here    According to the team, Vincent’s many mid air spins left him looking green! Despite this he loved the experience

“It was an incredible experience, not terrifying … just exhilarating. Doing it for charity left me with a good feeling too. Great all round.”

Everyone at Technica is so proud of those in our team that took up the challenge and we would like to thank all our clients and friends that have kindly dontated to this link:

Look out for “Technica in the Community” a new section soon to be launched on our

Be careful who you give remote access to!

When calling BT do not be misled by another company using BT in the title!

I felt it was important to share some information that unfortunately happened to a contact of ours who had problems with their BT email account and needed to contact BT support directly.

He searched for “BT Yahoo Support” and clicked on the link that was provided which was an advert to a non BT company but had BT in the name so appeared misleading.

After a brief phone conversation, and urgency to resolve the issue the gentleman gave remote access to connect to his machine. Subsequently the support company tried to scare him into purchasing an unnecessary anti virus solution for £500 by saying his machine had viruses.

Fortunately we advised our contact that this was not necessary to purchase and it was a scam and that only BT direct can deal with his personal BT email account that he was having issues with on his phone. The story may have ended differently if he didn’t have a reputable IT company to advise him for a second opinion.

In May 2013 BT moved away from yahoo due to fraudulent activity resulting in scams. This is a worth while read.

How to solve outlook Web Access Issues with Internet Explorer 10

Solve Outlook Web Access Issues with Internet Explorer 10

Users who have been upgraded to Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) will find that Outlook Web Access (OWA) produces serious errors with strange code embedded in pages like this:

Outlook issue

This is due to Internet Explorer 10 not being fully compatible with the old Outlook Web Access used in Exchange 2003.

The fix is fairly simple. You need to put Internet Explorer 10 into compatibility mode for the Outlook Web Access site.

To do this, click on the broken sheet of paper in the address bar.  If you then refresh the page the site will display correctly and Internet Explorer 10 will remember this setting. See example below:

outlook solution

Technica Solutions launches Technica Lite

Technica Solutions offers managed Proactive  IT support services on a contract basis.  We recognise the benefits of this as a service for our clients.  We are now delighted to offer a new service to the start-up and smaller business called tec lite logo

Newly launched Technica Lite

At Technica Lite, we combine expert non-managed support with a flexible service and payment scheme.  Technica Lite is an exciting new venture powered by Technica Solutions, as we enter into the Pay As You Go ad-hoc support service.

We are flexible in the way we support our Pay As You Go clients.   We provide remote, telephone, in-house and on-site support as and when it is needed.

95% of our support enquiries are dealt with remotely, saving time and money for our Pay As You Go clients.

Heading up the Technica Lite division, Jason Kersh explains:

“IT solutions are not ‘one size fits all’ and Technica Lite provides a non-managed service option where support is available on a block-level basis.  By simply buying the blocks required our clients can use them as and when they are needed for remote support, telephone support as well as on-site visits.”

David Izen, partner at Technica Solutions adds

“At Technica Solutions we are bringing something new to the IT support marketplace. Technica Lite combines the benefits of ad-hoc support with the backing of an established large team.”

Technica Lite, an exciting addition to the Technica Family.


Tec Lite Flyer

Contact Jason on the details above for our price list for Technica Lite support.

Follow us on twitter: @TechnicaLite


Award News

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

FSB London

We are delighted to announce that Technica Solutions, proactive IT service provider,  has been nominated for an award in the Service Excellence category at the newly launched FSB London Business Awards 2013.

With the Grand Awards Final set to take place on June 27th at the Wonderful Grand Connaught Rooms, these awards are set to take London by storm.  Damian from Events and PR said “Many National Awards take place in our capital city but this is an absolute first, the 33 boroughs of London can shine in their own SME competition, reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit that makes London the success it is”

FSB London finalist

FSB Herfordshire:

We were also announced as finalists earlier last month for the FSB Hertfordshire awards.  The ceremony will take place on June 13th at The Shendish Manor Hotel.  Craig Fisher,  Partner at Technica enthuses:

” I am proud of our team for being nominated for these two awards and we are  hoping to bring home another award to showcase the service excellence that we pride ourselves in as a company”.

Watch this space!

Herts Finalist

Blog update June 19th 2013 – The Awards evening:

FSB Hertfordshire 2013 awards

Learn more about us here!

Tel: 020 8236 9160


Don’t forget your USP

Like many businesses we’re often guilty of ignoring the good things that we do, simply considering good to be the baseline, and concentrating on areas where we’re aware we can do better. With too few hours in the day the focus is naturally on trying to constantly improve and being caught up in the everyday running of the business.

Sometimes it’s nice to think differently.

I made a phone call this morning, one of my favourite ones to make. Introducing myself officially to a new client and making sure that even before our role has started as their IT provider they are receiving our time, good service and open communications, starting as we mean to go on.

But surely this is standard service? I think of our own suppliers, do they all put in the same time to their clients ensuring they are receiving good service… I don’t believe they do.

So when the phones are buzzing, tickets pouring in, and the technicians are hard at their tasks in hand, it gives me pleasure to take a look at what sets us apart and buzz with pride that each member of staff really cares about each and every client and our journey together.

Everyone has professional qualifications at Technica, but the service role is what sets us apart as a unified team.

Looking after our clients IT is what we do, it’s our obsession and we are expected to do it perfectly. It’s just nice to do more than look after their IT. And it makes us feel great.

Technica Solutions, proud award winners of:

Best Business Award 2012 for Best Customer Focus

Best of the Best Award 2013 for Outstanding Business Achievement

*Breaking News Today* FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2013 – Service Excellence

Are you reviewing your IT infrastructure?  Please contact a member of our team on 020 8236 9160 or email me directly

Tell us in the comments below about what sets your company apart, and remember!

Never  forget your USP.

Finalist Award

Technica’s Craig smashes London for MS-UK

Virgin London Marathon 21st April 2013

Craig Marathon

They were five days a week for 16 weeks of hard training through the winter and lots of running talk in the office.

Goal driven Craig Fisher, partner at Technica had two aims, to raise £4,000 for MS-UK and achieve a sub 3:30hr marathon time. Those who know Craig, failure isn’t an option.

Craig pulled out all the stops to reach his target of £4.000 for MS –UK who today announced that out of all the Gold Bond Runners he was number 1 with the fastest time of 3 hrs, 28mins, 42 seconds.

Craig adds “At Technica everyone wants to be the best they can be and it doesn’t matter what form that takes.  And when you make a statement like “I’m going to do sub 3.30 and raise over £4000, you had better be pretty confident you can do it!”.

Team Technica are so proud of Craig’s efforts and achievements, we felt part of his journey.  As a company we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and friends that took the time to not only donate to this fantastic charity but who listened to Craig’s step by step account of his training!  We just wonder what will be next……

If you would like to donate to MS-UK via Craig Fisher please



MS-UK we are dedicated to giving support and information to anyone affected by MS.


MS-UK put people affected by MS at the heart of their work. MS-UK recognise that each one is an individual who has needs, rights and choices providing:

  • information and advice where MS-UK listen to your needs
  • care, compassion and empathy
  • a professional and transparent service


  • A determination to deliver efficient and relevant services effectively
  • A caring and compassionate approach towards anyone affected by MS
  • A promise of inclusive and equal rights for everyone using MS-UK’s services
  • The provision of impartial, non-judgemental, unbiased and easily accessible advice and information whatever the current situation
  • A committed team of staff, trustees, beneficiaries and volunteers who work together to improve the lives of anyone with MS
  • A people led organisation who believe that people affected by MS deserve the right to set the standard of care they want and need.
  • A respect and dignity for humanity, where people are at the heart what we do


We won an award for ‘Outstanding Business Achievement’!

We are delighted to announce that Technica Solutions have won a Best of the Best award for outstanding business achievement

We impressed the judges by demonstrating an outstanding level for quality, innovation, customer service and success.
Commenting on the Best of the Best Business Award to Technica Solutions, The Chairman of the Judges, said:

“Technica Solutions have excelled in meeting and exceeding their customer needs, resulting in exceptional growth including a doubling in their turnover.  It is highly impressive to hear of a company that is more than paying lip service to customer service, but which believes in going the extra mile on a daily basis. Congratulations to Technica Solutions for recognising that the way to stay ahead is by listening to customers, investing in technology and offering excellent value.”

Craig Fisher,  Partner of Technica comments “We are delighted to have been recognised for this award.  Our work is our obsession to make sure our clients receive the best proactive not reactive IT service tailored to their business. Today, our clients need IT to enable their people to excel at what they do and to work efficiently all day, every day.  We make sure this happens in all areas of the Technica family.”

We are proudly listed on the winners page alongside other winners including The Royal Opera House, Virgin, and Ernst & Young.


Technica Solutions project manages Wi-Fi success

Alexandra Palace rolls out Wi-Fi across historic venue

During the Olympics 2012 Technica Solutions were instrumental in the project management of the wireless technology at Alexandra Palace which played host to the Dutch Olympic team’s Holland Heineken House.

Technica Solutions worked with the Dutch IT team and Alexandra Palace to configure Xirrus’ robust Wi-Fi Solution.

On April 12th 2013 Computer Weekly online published an article detailing this. Technica are proud to be a part of this move to turn the historic venue from a site where visitors only had temporary wireless connectivity on a case-by-case basis to a permanent fixture.

Jason Ozin Partner at  Technica Solutions comments:  “We had looked at wireless in the past for Alexandra Palace, but its complex design and layout had caused connectivity issues.  During the Olympics, the Dutch team and visitors to Holland Heineken House were simply amazed  by the high Wi-Fi speeds, and the Palace was the only venue during the Games that didn’t experience wireless issues thanks to Xirrus’ robust solution.”

For the full article click the link below:

Linked In’s “Happy Work Anniversary”

I enjoy using Linked In, and recently this message popped up “Say happy work anniversary to David Izen!”

I decided to share this information on our blog as this is not just the year that David Izen joined Technica, it was when Technica Solutions started as a business with its partners Jason Ozin and David Izen. Today, with the help of excellent, like-minded staff, and Craig Fisher joining as partner in January 2009 we support more than a hundred clients and pride ourselves on offering each one the same level of personal, friendly service that we were able to offer our original clients – most of whom are still our clients today – 14 years on. So I am delighted to wish Technica Solutions a happy work anniverary this month – Linked In style and share the lovely comments below (most recent shown first).


Helen Mackenzie-Cardy Congratulation to David and the team 1 day ago

Ann Cunnane Congratulations David and to all the team at Technica – you were amazingly supportive to me personally and professionally so well done! 2 days ago

David IzenThanks Reuben, we weren’t sure starting a business on 1st April was so smart, but it’s not looking too bad 14 years later! We’re still enjoying ourselves, the team goes from strength to strength, and we can put both down to the loyalty of great…more 4 days ago

Vanessa Fisher Congratulations to David and thank you Reuben on behalf of the team for your kind words. Here’s to many more years of hard work and happy clients 🙂 4 days ago

Reuben Miller CPEA FNAEA MARLA Thanks David and the team at Technica for your reliable support with our IT. Congratulations on 14 years of hard work! 5 days ago

Thank you for all the lovely comments, you can keep them coming in the box below.

If you wish to connect with us on Linked in please find the links below:

David Izen:

Craig Fisher:

Jason Ozin:

Vanessa Fisher:

Public cloud adoption and human nature

Really enjoyed this article on the Register last week – Public cloud will grow when experienced IT folks die – by Jack Clark. The gist is that the new generation of IT workers will think it bizarre for organizations to choose owning or managing their own servers rather than using Amazon’s, Google’s or Microsoft’s, when that new generation has grown up with Facebook, Instagram and virtual servers being created in minutes on hosted platforms.

There’s a great line: “Humanity’s great capacity for laziness is also going to put pressure on organizations to adopt the cloud, because it will be all their devs can know…”

If it were possible to measure, I’d still wager that cost saving is an even greater factor than laziness, but both are extremely powerful. Demonstrating the value of reliability and control that owning and managing your own servers brings is going to feel like swimming against the tide and getting harder every year. From a  consultancy viewpoint I feel it’s going to be increasingly important to demonstrate the pros and cons of public cloud services and ensure clients understand that even the minor risk of Amazon, Google or Microsoft suffering a data centre issue that knocks a business offline has to be factored into the choices. It should be a straightforward risk analysis provided the Facebook generation maintain enough experience of the current owned-server era to present the facts. I’ve no problem with anyone choosing a lower-cost or simpler solution so long as they’re aware of all the options.

The article ends with a great quote from John Engates, CTO at Rackspace: “The conservative people, the people that are less likely to go to cloud – they’ll just get run over”. Let’s see. Public cloud seems like the easier choice – perhaps the cheaper and lazier option – but there’ll always be organisations who see the value in the ability of their IT department to control hardware and infrastructure directly, to manually hit the reset button.


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