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As an IT business we are always looking at ways to improve our service offering to cater for our clients’ needs. Whilst the majority of our clients raise tickets between our normal operating hours of 9am – 5.30pm we have introduced two additional services for those that wish to have extended access to support.

24/7 IT Support.

We have a dedicated line for extended hours, this covers any period outside of the normal 9am – 5.30pm week day contracted hours.  The majority of our clients that benefit from this service use the number on an adhoc basis although a contracted arrangement is available.

Extended Hours

We have also introduced an extended hours service for those that may require support between the hours of 8am-9.30am and 5.30pm – 6pm.  This additional service will benefit those first into the office that may not wish to wait until the contracted opening hours to speak to our support team.

What’s next?…

We are upgrading our monitoring system to enable our clients to see a detailed breakdown of all support tickets.  This will enable our clients to see the  trends on all activity related to IT support visible by hours, weeks and months.

For more information about the IT services we offer please visit our homepage on www.technicasolutions.co.uk

We would love to hear from you about what you would like to see from your IT company and how this will directly benefit your business.

“I would trust them with all my worldly possessions.”

Gavin Ucko, The Happy Puzzle Company

“The loveliest and most helpful IT company I’ve ever come across.”

Llewellyn Mauricio, Family and Childcare Trust

“Without doubt the best bunch of techy geeks I have worked with!”

Joanne Hawitt-Phillips, Alexandra Palace & Park Charitable Trust

“Technica Solutions have created more time during the day for fee earning work rather than administrative work. Bravo!”

Robert Beecham, Latitude Investments

“Innovative, cost effective and delivered as promised.”

Paul Simnock, MGR Weston Kay LLP

“Trusted technicians who don’t bamboozle us with technical jargon.”

Suzanne Fuzzey, Royal College of Physicians

“Technica Solutions are very special. Their back up service is second to none. We could not run our business efficiently without them.”

Gill Garside, DSA PR

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