At the bowling alley!

We were in celebratory mode recently and decided a social event was called for that allowed for food, drink, teamwork, a little bit of competition for those that fancied and some minor wanton destruction; definitely an event for away from the office!


Craig swapped his partner hat for that of Technica Towers’ social secretary and organised a night out for the team with spouses and significant others welcome.

“We recognise we have a really strong workforce and want to reward  our staff for their hard work. It’s so important the team enjoy working here and buy into the Technica ethos and the bowling night was to say thank you for their contribution and continued efforts”.

The evening was fantastic fun. New faces mixed with the company’s veterans in the informal space of the waxed lanes and top marks to Hollywood Bowl for ensuring more food and drink than you’d choose to wave a bowling pin at. The relaxed atmosphere was great, where everyone could chat away from the serious business of strikes and spares. The competition may have been fierce, with three teams of six bowling two frames apiece, but game faces were left behind when congregating behind the lanes for sustenance!

Daniel Rios’ first Technica experience was not at the support desk but at the bowling lanes and he even made up part of the winning team! Hot favourite Chris Buglass wilted under the extreme pressure, or perhaps let the rest of us have a chance by not bowling one of his regular 200-point games. Jerry Forsyth took individual honors before letting slip he was a regular in a bowling league back in South Africa….

The bowling was great, the camaraderie was better and the opportunity to mix outside of the office with spouses and partners was best of all. A thoroughly enjoyable evening which had everyone thinking it should be a regular fixture, perhaps with clients invited to put forward teams for the next time!

Enjoy the pictures:

The Team

Trophies and smiles after the event. Those are Gill’s own shoes.

Jerry - the overall top scorer!

Jerry – the overall top scorer! Vincent simply in awe of a stunning performance.

My score. It’s important to leave room for improvement and nobody likes a show-off.

My score. It’s important to leave room for improvement and nobody likes a show-off.

 Gill smiling after another excellent bowl!

 Gill smiling after another excellent bowl! We assume, because we can’t see….

Captain Paul Rosen's winning team.

Captain Paul Rosen’s winning team. A little too pleased with themselves.

 David Izen about to pick up another spare.

 David Izen about to pick up another spare. Or miss entirely and blame the wonky lane.

 Gill's official awards ceremony.

Gill’s official awards ceremony. Craig has no time for pleasantries when there’s trophies around.

Eppy celebrates another strike

Eppy celebrates another strike, partner Chris was very gallant to let her outscore him.

Precedents have been set, gauntlets thrown down and wrongs need righting. This could

become a regular activity. Watch this space!

“Without doubt the best bunch of techy geeks I have worked with!”

Joanne Hawitt-Phillips, Alexandra Palace & Park Charitable Trust

“I would trust them with all my worldly possessions.”

Gavin Ucko, The Happy Puzzle Company

“Technica Solutions are very special. Their back up service is second to none. We could not run our business efficiently without them.”

Gill Garside, DSA PR

“Innovative, cost effective and delivered as promised.”

Paul Simnock, MGR Weston Kay LLP

“Technica Solutions have created more time during the day for fee earning work rather than administrative work. Bravo!”

Robert Beecham, Latitude Investments

“Trusted technicians who don’t bamboozle us with technical jargon.”

Suzanne Fuzzey, Royal College of Physicians

“The loveliest and most helpful IT company I’ve ever come across.”

Llewellyn Mauricio, Family and Childcare Trust

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