Technica Solutions Funds Satellite Mission

Technica helps fund satellite crowdsourced project SkyCube.


Space travel and satellite technology is no longer the realm of government and large corporations. Just for the geek value, and to be pioneers in leading technology, Technica Solutions have helped fund a satellite mission.

Jason Ozin partner at Technica enthuses:

“We are excited to be part of this mission and to be able to tweet to our clients and download photographs from orbit”

Founder/owner of SkyCube Tim DeBenedictis who has been writing astronomy software since his teenage years explains the philosophy behind the satellite:

“SkyCube is about changing space exploration from something reserved for governments, corporations, and billionaires into an arena that is affordable and accessible by everyone. It’s about inspiring a new generation to take risks and accept challenges. It’s about acting collectively, sharing risks and expenses, to achieve something together that none of us could have accomplished alone. It’s not (just) a science project – it’s a social project.

The launch was meant to take place in 2013 but has been postponed to 2014. We will post an update once we have an exact date for the launch.

Once in orbit, SkyCube we will be able to send tweets from space – that amateur radio operators around the world can hear, and anyone with a smart phone can follow. We will be able to request images of Earth from the cameras aboard the satellite, using Satellite Safari app on an iOS or Android device.

The 90 day mission will come to an end with an inflated onboard balloon that will make SkyCube visible and de-orbit the satellite cleanly through atmospheric drag, ending the mission in a fiery grand finale that avoids and buildup of space debris.

Follow Technica on twitter @technica_uk and look out for our tweets and photos direct from space. For more information about this project and news on futher developments go

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