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This week I boarded the love boat on a special Valentine’s mission. I set sail, journeying through a sea of hearts and corny cards to find you the best examples of how businesses are creating new outreach opportunities by capitalising on the day of love, through technology.

Businesses are now battling to be your Valentine by betting on our infatuation of all things virtual. They have married their skills to our desire for expressions of love, realising that instead of hot-footing it to the shops to purchase an actual card, made of card, or even real life flowers, instead of wadding through the rows of novelty nonsense, that they can create this digitally. They cut out the stress, add the fun and all whilst plugging their business. That all manifests into a pretty heart pounding, pulse racing, recipe for technological love.

Here’s my top four.

1.       Lidl asks couples to kiss in front of their phones for prizes.


The app encourages the users to share the love with the reward of entering every user who has a kiss recognised into a prize draw for Lidl vouchers. Read more here:

2.  Be Mine Lite – Valentine’s Day E-Card Creator

An App that allows you to use your own pictures to create and share your valentine’s card and post to Facebook, email and save to your camera roll.   This app comes loaded with backgrounds, hearts, cupids, kisses and more.  There  is a “full” version available for £0.69 with more backgrounds, hearts, romance, kisses and pictures.

BE Mine Lite
Enter Be Mine Lite into the App Store. An ideal App for those of you that have forgotten to purchase a card!

3. Career Builder pushes office etiquette on Office Romance 

Techno blog office

Office romance. When better to discuss the dos and don’ts than on the week leading up to Valentine’s day? Career Builder have chosen this week to publish their advice on the potential catastrophic outcomes that an office romance could lead to.  Perhaps the fall out of an office romance at work has brought them to search for a new career and Career Builder will be there to pick up the pieces.  This is a good example of pushing the right content at the right time.Click here for the full article before it’s too late!

4. Love hearts tag to win


I couldn’t resist visiting the Love Hearts’ Facebook page. Love is an all year round affair for the brand so I wondered how they would win our hearts this Valentine’s day. The competition  to win a necklace from their Love Hearts’ Jewellery range encourages the spread of love by tagging your partner’s name into the sentence:

Let your partner know about it by tagging their name below and completing this line: ‘I love you because ________________’

Take a look for yourself at 

Have you fallen in love with any Valentine’s day campaigns or seen any that are just too cheesy to be true? Go on, share the techno love.


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